Rental Insurance


“We see more and more clients coming in for rental insurance, and many of them share the same concerns about finding a policy for their living situation. We are committed to meeting the financial needs of all our clients without sacrificing the quality of their coverage. And we will always handle any concerns and questions knowledgeably, honestly and with respect.”

Judith Yalowchuk, Owner, Morris & Yalowchuk Insurance

Our clients who are renters appreciate that they never get lost in the shuffle at Morris & Yalowchuk. Finding an apartment can be a very stressful process, and then on top of that the landlord states you need insurance. We want to make learning about insurance easy and hassle free. Here you will receive comprehensive insurance knowledge and a policy that fits your uniquely personal situation. Our team will start by asking several questions in order to evaluate:

  • How much coverage you should buy
  • If replacement cost or actual cash value coverage is more appropriate for you
  • Whether you need additional protection for expensive jewelry, furs, sports or musical equipment, or collectibles
  • What deductible amount is best for you

In addition, we will explain your renters insurance policy so that you are clear on important details such as what is covered and how your deductible works should you have to file a claim.

You may also qualify for discounts on rental insurance if you:
  • Combine auto and home with the same insurance carrier
  • Have a security system
  • Use smoke detectors
  • Use deadbolt locks
  • Have good credit

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you review all of your rental insurance options.